Letters to the Editor

Sounds like a new way to get cancer

Although the idea of obtaining unlimited electrical power from space sounds promising if and when the technical obstacles are overcome ("Space: The final frontier ... of gathering solar energy," April 20, Page A-13), I'm concerned with the health and safety ramifications of transmitting this power to a location on Earth.

I'm not sure if the case for the safety of humans being exposed to electromagnetic fields from electrical devices and high-tension electrical transmission lines is closed or not. And there's also connections being made to too much use of cell phones and the effect on the brain.

How about the police officers who end up with cancer in their hands from holding their radar guns? I'm sure I wouldn't want to be anywhere near where the receiver is going to be for this program, because I'm also sure that the radio waves being transmitted will be shaped like a cone to cover a large area on Earth to ensure it will get to the receiver. How many more cancers or mutations will occur to those who happen to reside at the base of that cone?