Letters to the Editor

Stop listening to MSNBC hyperbole

Regarding "A disgusting display on Fox" (April 22, Letters): The writer obviously gets his talking points from Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews on MSNBC and he should do a little better job of choosing his words than simply repeating the fabrications, hyperbole and demonizing as if the messiah proclaimed it.

President Barack Obama has made a discipline of proving that he thinks fraudulence is good. He promised transparent government. Where is it? The person in charge of the IRS didn't pay his taxes? Get real. Obama spent more in one day bailing out deceitful businesses than President George W. Bush spent on protection from the terrorists during the Iraq war. And Bush did not disrespect our armed forces as did Obama and his cronies in Congress.

If the tea parties were of no consequence, why are you writing a letter about them? Are you really that scared? You should be afraid of Sarah Palin. I can guarantee that her biggest priority will not be trying to find out why Iowa's pig manure smells.


Santa Nella