Letters to the Editor

Gays no different from others

Proposition 8 affects me. I am a Californian and a proud lesbian. One Christmas I sent a picture of my partner and myself to my dad. I was surprised to see our picture on the wall next to my siblings and their families. I felt included, accepted and loved.

I was raised in the Mormon Church. I cherish the emphasis on family and keeping them together, even in death. But denial in life is hard on anybody. I know of couples who have been in a committed, loving relationship for 30-plus years and were unable to marry. They shared the struggles and joys of life; they shared their households and their lives with the community and their loved ones. Finally, after all of these years, they feel the state recognizes them as a committed couple.

Gays and lesbians go to work, buy groceries, pay taxes, have families, vote and struggle just the same. They are police officers, lawyers, doctors, and, yes, family members. Does it really matter who they love? We are no different than anybody else.