Letters to the Editor

Don't add to 'gridlock gumbo'

Years ago, when John Eisenhut returned from Vietnam with a Purple Heart pinned to his chest, he could have declined to further serve his country and community. He did not. His current bid for the Assembly representing the 26th District is a natural move for him, because his adult life has been dedicated to service.

As a teacher in Turlock, I witnessed John's determination and dedication to the parents and students. He served term after term on our school board with one goal in mind: preserving and improving the quality of education in our community. He is as embarrassed as I am that California is 46th out of 50 states in the nation in public support for its schools. He is going to Sacramento to change that. I do not believe that we should add one more Berryhill to the "gridlock gumbo" that is boiling over in Sacramento. That is why I support Eisenhut for Assembly.