Letters to the Editor

We need Obama

Vote for Barack Obama. We do not need or want four more years of the current administration/policies.

Sen. Obama is not taking campaign contributions from lobbyists or PACs. Senator McCain’s seven top advisors are Washington lobbyists.

Obama develops policy based on what is best for the nation and its citizens not what is best for highest paying lobby.

Obama chose a highly experienced and principled person as a running mate. John McCain chose a person who knows very little about national policy and even less about international policy.

Obama recognizes the need for government regulation on the excesses of business. Sen. McCain is a proponent of the deregulation that lead to the savings and loan crises and the collapse of Lincoln Savings, the energy crises and the collapse of Enron and now the mortgage crises which is still unfolding.

We need to elect Senator Obama and work towards encouraging the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship and stopping the greediness of unregulated business.