Letters to the Editor

Sometimes it's the best solution

Regarding "They seem so nice, and yet ..." (Sept. 4, Letters): The letter writer is to be congratulated on her gentle tone in addressing this highly charged topic, so I'll attempt to answer her with the same pen. Consider these scenarios:

An innocent girl is raped by her father or brother or favorite uncle or by a gang or a provider of spiritual services. She becomes pregnant.

Do we attempt to rescue this physically and emotionally traumatized youngster, or do we compound her situation by the overwhelming act of a child having a child? Isn't it enough that she will suffer recurring flashbacks and that her childhood and education are in jeopardy? Should she have to go to term?

A young mother of three girls all under 6 desires another and conceives. During this wanted pregnancy she is diagnosed with a medical problem that will be fatal if she continues the gestation process.

There are three little girls at home that will need her touch and guidance during their formative years and a father who will have the added responsibilities that only a mother really is capable of providing.

Should this family be denied this beautiful and important person?