Letters to the Editor

Revenue means more taxes

Regarding "California is facing a taxing dilemma" (July 21, Page A-1): So, tax revenue has increased without tax rate increases. Is this supposed to happen in a bad economy? We are in a bad economy, are we not? Well, at least those who want to take more are trying to convince us. Yet, later, the writer tries to make a case for higher taxes.

The problem, according to the article is that, "Revenue hasn't kept pace with spending growth." Huh? Revenue? Since government is unable to earn money, deriving its "revenue" only by taking from others (taxes), spending less is its only option. If my gas or food bill increases, I must spend less in other areas to cover the shortfall.

Increasing taxes simply takes more money away from those who earn it, giving it to those who do not. Thomas Jefferson warned us that, "A democracy ... can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury."