Letters to the Editor

Speak out against oil reserve grab

Democrats want to take 10 percent of the oil from our strategic petroleum reserve. Let them know you do not support this national security risk. They say it's not a supply problem, don't drill, yet they want to take oil from our emergency reserves.

Cut the red tape now and we could have the oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in 18 months. It only took three years to drill in Alaska and build a 650-mile pipeline 30 years ago. We know where the oil is in ANWR, about six acres are needed to drill on, and it is only 75 miles from the existing pipeline. We can't count on new energy technology. If we are wrong and don't drill now, our country will be doomed.

Will we leave our kids and grandkids without enough energy to grow food, keep warm and protect our national security? It's up to us, now. Drill in ANWR. When we have enough wind power, solar power, nuclear power and other renewable energy sources, quit oil. Don't quit now.