Letters to the Editor

Columnist, consult dictionary

I am sick and tired of you endorsing 10-to-1 the views of extreme liberals. My response to Tom Teepen: Yes, socialists do exist in mainstream U.S. politics. Perhaps you should use the English dictionary to look up the word socialism. In reality, there are very few, pure anything, and politics is no exception. You may be right about no pure socialists, but the leanings of many left-wing Democrats are getting closer to a socialist form of government.

When the central government gets stronger and more involved in your everyday life, they control health, retirement and everything that they can, that is a socialist direction.

On the issue of whether Barack Obama is a socialist, it is on record that he has voted farther left than any other senator. In fact, he has voted more left than a declared socialist, Sen. Bernard Sanders, so you decide where he stands. To call Obama a moderate Democrat shows that Teepen's thinking is so biased that he can't develop a logical thought pattern. I lived through the Harry Truman and John Kennedy years and they would be to the right of Joe Lieberman today. Those presidents were real Democrats.