Letters to the Editor

CEO has done a lot to earn 'no' on Q

I would like to thank John Friel, chief executive officer of Oak Valley Hospital ("2nd Shot At $27M," July 28, Page B-1). His comments did much more for the "no on Q" vote than anyone else could have done.

I am one of the people that Friel doesn't want to vote on the bond issue. I am also one of the people that the "gay-lesbian thing" is going to bring to the voting booth, even though I would be voting whether or not that issue was on the ballot. But, contrary to Friel's wishes, I will be voting on the bond issue. I would invite Friel to guess what my vote will be. By his own statements, he is trying to "fix" the vote, and I am one taxpayer who is tired of bureaucrats and politicians telling me what I need to spend my money on.