Letters to the Editor

Management is just trying to scare us

Scare tactics show the inabilities of management. Most administrations work within what they have. In this case, they already passed a $37 million bond, but Oak Valley Hospital does not seem to be able to work within that bond budget and tweak their planning to best use their current funding.

Is this a refection on the lack of leadership and management abilities of the administration? Why are they not showing what they can accomplish with the current bond funding?

Perhaps in 10 years when the market turns, people are working again, homes are occupied by homeowners, and people feel a little more secure with their jobs and paychecks, they can show what they are capable of achieving.

Show their accomplishments, abilities, advancements and renovations they were able to achieve, then they could ask for additional bond funding to further update and renovate the hospital.

Will the hospital close, affecting 800 doctors, staff and local patients with the current $37 million they have from the Measure N bond?

No, the hospital will need to buckle down and do the best with $37 million and give the district confidence in its leadership, administration and can-do abilities.