Letters to the Editor

Hands-free phone, brain-free driving

Research is showing that, even though we have enacted a "hands-free" cell phone law, being on a cell phone while driving is still similar to driving while intoxicated. We tell our kids not to get into a vehicle driven by someone who has been drinking. Well, doesn't this update on cell phone use tell us that we should include the warning: "Don't ride with someone who insists on using their hands-free (i.e. brain-free) phone"?

Of course. tell this to any teenager (actually, even adults) and they will give you a huge argument about how it doesn't affect them, that some idiot must be making this up. With peer pressure what it is, what teenager would have the strength to tell their driving companion, "Sorry, but I won't ride with you as long as you use you cell phone on the road"?

The real problem is where they could end up -- on the road, spread like peanut butter. If we can find their ear, it might have a Bluetooth still attached.