Letters to the Editor

Dead baby pictures are factual

"Pro-lifers" show pictures of dismembered babies because they are true. If seeing aborted babies is disturbing to you, then you should think about why that is.

It is illegal for a girl to get a tattoo without her parent's consent. How then can a minor be mature enough to choose life or death for her baby, being one herself? If her parents are not in favor of abortion, this does not make them dysfunctional; nor is "death by illegal butchery" the only option for a pregnant teen. The idea that these girls would be forced to illegal abortions is a false dilemma. There are more options than to kill or be killed.

The death penalty is reserved for people who have been convicted by a jury of their peers of a crime so heinous that they are too dangerous to live in society. Aborted babies are merely inconvenient and are not given the courtesy of a trial.

Regarding gun control: If you want a society free enough to murder your children, at least let me live in one free enough to protect mine.