Letters to the Editor

Is that what I really think?

The letter describing the totality of my political views came as a complete surprise to me. However, I was so glad to know that he is concerned with the home life of teenage girls faced with pregnancy outside of marriage and the horrific damage an illegal abortion could cause them.

It follows logically that the writer is also deeply concerned with the damage legal abortion has caused women and is willing to learn from those who have survived the lie told by pro-death advocates. He obviously wants to protect the women of his community and so, with an open mind, visit the Web site for Silent No More and read our testimonials. He is obviously ready to work for the support of teens who are pregnant so that they will avoid the horrors their elder sisters have experienced. He is not in the least motivated by economic concerns, i.e., it is cheaper in the long run to suck a baby out of a mother's womb than to help a young, frightened mother give birth and hope to an infertile couple.

Any society that puts more laws in place to protect the eggs of a wild animal than those of its most vulnerable human members is a society teetering on the brink of destruction.