Letters to the Editor

Don't hold what I said against Q

In a Bee article ("2nd shot at $27M," July 28, Page B-1), I attempted to explain why Oak Valley Hospital District decided to have a vote-by-mail election for Measure Q in August. Unfortunately, my attempted explanation was not adequate. For that I am truly sorry, and my apologies to those persons whom I offended due to the resulting article. It was not my intention to offend anyone. My intention was to provide general information to the reporter.

I hope the remarks will not be a distraction from the need to secure quality health care in Oakdale and surrounding communities. I am appreciative of the voters, from all parties, who overwhelmingly supported the hospital replacement project in the April election. In fact, 65 percent of the voters approved of this bond measure. That positive response gave us the confidence to work toward bridging that last 1.7 percent voter gap so we can continue to build the much needed modernized medical facility.

I am proud and honored to be chief executive officer of Oak Valley Hospital District. We are dedicated to this community and appreciate its strong support. Our community's continued access to quality health care remains our urgent goal.


chief executive officer

Oak Valley Hospital District