Letters to the Editor

Police department understaffed

I just read the letter from Police Chief Roy Wasden ("Police logs show a quick response," July 23). About two years ago I found a little girl about 18 months old wandering around Snyder Avenue. Several cars had to stop to avoid hitting the child. My wife and I, along with two or three other passers-by stopped and I called the Modesto police. There was no one around who knew who this child was.

It took the police 30 minutes to respond. I would be the first to say that the Modesto police do a great job. I feel very safe living in Modesto. I have lived in several places in my life and Modesto is the best. I believe the problem is the understaffed Police Department; we need more officers. I know it's hard to find good people, but the Police Department budget is not one we can afford to cut.