Letters to the Editor

We meant it the first time

Regarding the comments in the article "2nd shot at $27M" (July 28, Page B-1): Oh, come on. "Republicans" and the "gay-lesbian thing"? Is this the reason we the citizens of Oakdale are voting next month instead of in November?

I have three comments:

Republicans are not the only ones who will vote "no" on Measure Q. I have neighbors, friends and co-workers who are homeowners and are voting "no" just based on the facts, not their political or sexual orientation.

I have a hard time believing the hospital employees are backing this measure, especially those who have recently had their hours cut back with very little notice.

We, the citizens of Oakdale, let our voices be heard in April. Stop using Republicans and the "gay-lesbian thing" to keep you from understanding that "no" means no.