Letters to the Editor

Businesses couldn't get away with this

It is an outrage that our governor suggested paying state workers $6.55 per hour until a budget is passed. California raised the minimum wage to $8. As a business owner, if I attempted to pay my workers less than California minimum wage, I'd be facing criminal charges. It's wrong that those who make laws are not required to live by them. It's time that every politician live under the same laws they pass, with no exceptions.

If the Legislature is unable to pass a budget, it is the Legislature and the governor who should forfeit their salaries, retirement benefits, medical benefits, etc. for as long as they fail to complete their job they are paid to do. It's time to hold politicians from both parties accountable.

We are supposed to have a government by the people and for the people, rather than the government we have, which is a government for politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups.