Letters to the Editor

Vote out Pelosi, Reid for foolish energy policy

The Democrats are at it again, hoping you won't notice.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are blocking any vote for more drilling. In fact, not only are the Democrats preventing energy policy to reduce gas prices, they are proposing another dime-a-gallon tax. How is that supposed to help us with high gas prices?

Democrats want to tax the oil companies with a bogus "windfall tax" which will be passed right on down to you. And not only are they opposed to a gas tax holiday, they're proposing an additional dime-a-gallon tax.

These Democrats claim that speculators are boosting the price of oil, instead of considering the basic principle of supply and demand. Then they turn around and suggest suing OPEC to make them drill for more oil, all while they prevent drilling on U.S. property and utilizing our own resources.

Vote these fools out. They're out of control.