Letters to the Editor

Parks Department responsive

I would like to commend the Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department for its prompt attention to a problem I pointed out. A few weeks ago, while walking on the Hetch Hetchy trail between Shawnee and Conant, I saw that part of a tree had fallen across the path. When I returned home, I left a couple of messages with the Forestry and Trees Department and the Parks Department.

Within hours, Park Operations Supervisor Todd Rocha called me. I told him the location of the tree and my concerns about the trail in general. I had noticed that there were some dead trees, piles of landscape prunings, and, of course, graffiti and trash all along the trail. He listened attentively, asked several questions and told me he would see what he could do.

Since then, the dead trees and prunings have been removed and the area has been much more thoroughly mowed. I have also seen evidence of ongoing care of the trees, which are an important part of our environment. It is good to know that input from citizens is valued and that the city has such efficient, caring employees.