Letters to the Editor

Shelter releases sick animals

On June 5, my 20-year-old daughter adopted a 2-month-old puppy from the animal shelter. The puppy was given a clean bill of health at adoption. However, four days later she was hospitalized with parvo. My daughter called the shelter to voice her anger and was told to bring the puppy back and her money would be refunded.

No normal human would give back an animal they have fallen in love with just to have it destroyed. The puppy has had numerous problems since, including severe seizures that the vet believes is related to distemper. My daughter incurred more than $2,000 in vet bills that she can't afford, but her heart wouldn't let her give up. She is finally having to let her puppy be put to sleep.

As a mother, my heart breaks to have my daughter go through this. I can't believe the shelter will continue to release sick animals. There has to be a better way to make sure animals are healthy. The public needs to be aware of the sickness at the shelter, and they need to disinfect and sanitize the shelter so no one has to go through losing a beloved pet, or incurring high vet bills.