Letters to the Editor

Learning should be about quality

I'm beginning to tire of the current trends in education. Students are being taught way more than they and their teachers can handle, all because of the unnecessary pushes in education. I spent the past year getting my teaching credential and student teaching in a first-grade classroom. Three-quarters of my day was spent doing language arts and the rest of the day doing math. On a rare occasion we did science and social studies; there was hardly any arts in the classroom. We had to rush through subjects to get them all taught, barely giving the students time to really learn and practice the skills.

I'm afraid that this will be how I also have to run my classroom, as the government continues to make new education legislation. When I was a student, I had time to learn and actually enjoyed learning because my teachers were allowed to teach at a manageable pace. People from my generation and generations before mine gained a much more solid educational background because we were taught subjects by fully qualified teachers who were not under the pressure to teach two years' worth of learning in one year while also teaching students to pass government tests. Why don't we go back to a time where learning was about quality, not quantity?