Letters to the Editor

We have the fuel, if we can get it

Gas prices are a symptom of a critical national security problem: insufficient domestic production and dependence on foreign sources. The Air Force understands this and is building a $60 per barrel, coal-to-liquid synthetic fuel plant at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont. It plans to supply 50 percent of its fuel synthetically by 2016. Why can't we do this on a larger scale?

For that matter, why can't we build nuclear plants, drill oil reserves, build refineries, build dams for hydroelectric and sell diesels that get high mileage? Instead, we beg the Saudis, curse the oil companies, preach conservation and pretend that solar and wind power will meet out needs. We fiddle while one of the greatest wealth and power transfers in history occurs under our very noses! As you suffer, demand that our political elite implement a long-term, comprehensive energy plan using proven technology whose goal is to increase domestic supplies and eliminate foreign dependence.