Letters to the Editor

Deputies: Be more respectful

I am a taxpayer, voter, and member of a large Neighborhood Watch program. Usually, I am very proud of the deputies who respond when we call. But there have been times lately when I have been disappointed. The Sheriff's Office cannot ask for the support of the community in reporting suspicious activity or underage drinking and then treat callers like they are angry at them for calling.

I voted for, believe in, and hope to vote again for Sheriff Adam Christianson. I think he is an honest man who cares about this community. Every chance he gets, he tells everyone that his department is made up of men and women who are dedicated their community. To the people who answer the phone at 911, to the deputies who respond: If you feel as loyal to the sheriff as he does to you, remember no matter what the name on your shirt says, you represent the sheriff. Supervisors should remind their deputies of that. Your name won't appear on a ballot, but his will. The hard work and dedication of the sheriff, and all members of the department, are tarnished when you are sarcastic. By the way, some of us can hear the sarcasm broadcast over your radios.