Letters to the Editor

Why is Congress taking a vacation?

Here in the San Joaquin Valley, gas is nearly $5 a gallon and diesel costs even more. We have one of the largest real estate failure rates in the country and our unemployment rate in this area is climbing daily. I am bothered that Congress, including our own Rep. Dennis Cardoza, is planning to recess for the entire month of August, leaving valley residents with no one working on the issues we are struggling with.

The last thing we need is for a disconnected Congress to disappear and stop working while we continue to struggle with fuel costs that have tripled, a housing market that continues to collapse and a rate of unemployment that shows no sign of easing. Whether investigating the roll of speculators, hammering out some way to increase oil supplies or working to promote the use of solar, wind and other renewable sources of energy, we need our representatives working on the problems -- not frolicking on some beach while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.