Letters to the Editor

Sun now 'pays' my power bill

Last month we paid our last MID bill! We have joined the governor's "Million Roof Campaign."

For 5½ weeks, our new roof solar-panel system cranked out electricity; on July 14, it totaled 1 megawatt-hour of power output -- a little slower than expected, due to smoky air recently. But since all the power it makes is credited to our bill, in a year it will total a bit more than we use. For 25 years it will do that, repaying the $21,906 we paid for the system. After 25 years, its output will have declined a few percent, but further electricity will be our investment's profit.

MID helped with a $10,413 subsidy; another $2,000 came from the Feds. In 25 years, we expect to have saved 127 tons of carbon dioxide air pollution, equivalent to taking a car off the road for 25 years.

MID donates $2.80 per installed watt of output (see www.mid.org/rebates/rbts-pv.htm). This is a great long-term way to decrease dependence on foreign oil, help clean valley air, decrease global warming, stimulate the local economy and eventually save money.