Letters to the Editor

And she plays good defense, too

My 12-year-old, Jenna Rose, has had the joy of playing softball off and on over the past several years at Shiloh Paradise with the Ott twins, Theresa and Melissa. In addition to inspiring her team, Theresa and her sister are very sweet, nice and joyful girls. I am compelled, however, to share a greater softball achievement of Theresa's than that described in Ty Phillips' article ("Ott not? Teen amputee doesn't know the meaning of 'No,' " July 13, Page H-1). Several years ago at a game in Patterson, the Shiloh Paradise girls faced a bases-loaded, no-outs situation with Theresa playing third. A pop fly was hit Theresa's way (no infield fly rule). She caught the ball, tagged third base, and tagged the runner barreling in from second base -- an unassisted triple play! A remarkable play by a remarkable girl.