Letters to the Editor

It costs money to raise money

In response to the article, "Commercial fund-raisers a 'rip-off' " (July 9, Page B-5): While it is true that some fund- raising efforts put forth by charitable and not-for-profit groups are costly and sometimes the expenses consume a high percentage of the donated dollar, this is not true of most organizations or of their fund-raising efforts. This article only presented the negative side of so-called commercial fund-raisers while it failed to mention that most fund-raising efforts are not done through "commercial" or "hired fund-raising" efforts. Speaking specifically in regard to the Salvation Army (which I represent), we cannot claim that 100 percent of each donated dollar goes to programs, due to the costs of printing, postage, transportation, etc. Speaking more directly, it costs money to raise money. We do, however (as do most charities), endeavor to keep costs and administration overhead at a minimum. Please present both sides of the argument.