Letters to the Editor

EPA delays the inevitable on greenhouse gases

Excerpted from Wednesday's Dallas Morning News.

Americans apparently will have to wait for the next president to see any responsible action on regulating greenhouse gases. The Bush administration seems to be crossing its arms, closing its eyes and holding its breath until the bitter end to avoid doing the right thing on climate change. More than a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court told the Environmental Protection Agency that greenhouse gases were a pollutant and ruled that the agency had a duty to regulate them unless it could come up with valid scientific reasons why it shouldn't. Last week, EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson effectively told the high court to blow that ruling out its tailpipe. In a foreword to the EPA's court-ordered scientific study, he said the agency has no intention of restricting greenhouse-gas emissions -- this, despite the report's conclusion that those emissions pose a significant public health risk. The EPA concluded that the cost of regulating greenhouse gases would be too burdensome for the economy. An earlier draft of the study found that cutting emissions could save $2 trillion over 30 years -- a number based on $2-a-gallon gas. Sooner or later, greenhouse gases will be regulated. Delay will only make doing the inevitable harder and more expensive.