Letters to the Editor

Yes on Q : Hospital needs funding

During the last week of this month, residents in the Oak Valley Hospital District will be receiving in the mail a ballot and an opportunity to vote on a bond issue. Please join me in voting "yes" on Measure Q so that we can move forward with plans to complete our new hospital in Oakdale.

As many of you know, Measure O failed in April. It failed because we lacked only 81 "yes" votes. When the final calculations were done, it wasn't that more people voted "no," it's simply that fewer people voted -- and that's where we lost those 81 votes. Bond issues require a two-thirds majority of votes needed to pass. Measure O was supported by the majority of the people voting, but missed the two-thirds mark by those 81 votes.

This time, we have a Web site that offers plenty of information. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to call the

Oak Valley administration at 848-4102 and you will be connected with someone who can answer your questions. The Web link is: http://2008yesonq.com/faqs.htm.