Letters to the Editor

Gay marriages as wholesome as yours

I hold my own beliefs, as does everyone else. When confronted by blatant bigotry, I respond by saying, "I am the mother of a gay man and your statements are offensive to me." I have found most people are understanding of my feelings and don't continue on with their tirade. I also find that once people have actually known a gay or lesbian couple, their disdain and fear -- yes it is fear, fear of the unknown -- is lessened considerably. My son and his partner have been together for 15 years; you would be hard pressed to find a more compassionate, loving, thoughtful couple, straight or gay.

As for comparing straight relationships as wholesome and gay relationships as filthy -- get real. I've seen many straight relationships that were less than wholesome. Bigotry is based on ignorance. Someday bigots will have to stand before God and explain why they chose to be hate-filled and closed-minded. It's not for anyone on earth to judge a relationship as filthy; no one has a God-given right to judge.

One question as to the government's role in trying to prohibit gay marriage: whatever happened to the separation of church and state?