Letters to the Editor

My flower box, not your cats' litter box

Almost everyone has pets, and, from time to time, those pets do the deed in someone else's yard. That is nature, and is understandable. But I draw the line when my flower boxes are one huge litter box with enough fecal matter to fill a trash bag. My neighbors' cats cross the street to squat in my yard, and my neighbors think it's funny.

The writer of "Your yard is part of the great outdoors" (July 10, Letters) suggests we all stop complaining and fortify our property or utilize expensive repellants or motion-detecting sprinklers. Sorry, but my contract stated $370,000 for the house -- not the house and my neighbors' cats! Since the writer loves cats so much and champions their freedom, she can come over anytime to pick up their funk.

Cat feces can create a very serious condition for pregnant women, as my wife found out when we were doing yard work while she was pregnant with our first child and she inhaled dust containing feline feces. It can cause serious birth defects, and even death -- so don't tell me to just relax when it comes to a neighbor's choice to have an outside cat.