Letters to the Editor

After this administration, flag needs washing

During the demonstrations of the 1960s, the American flag was frequently burned. With the sixth year of this disastrous war in Iraq ongoing and the Afghan war news-silent, the costs escalate ($394 million for Modesto).

By our use of "black ops" and "covert activities" to stir others to oppose our policies so that we could intervene in their countries in the name of "democracy" and then seize their natural resources, we have antagonized the world.

We are led by inept, cry-baby investment bankers, CEOs with their hands out, politicians bought and paid for by the super-rich, and narcissistic consumers degrading our "American exceptionalism." Pink slip all those bankers, CEOs, cry-baby corporate leaders and most of all the politicians who have led this country down this tawdry path! Most of all, impeach this criminal administration. We need to wash the dirt from our great flag.