Letters to the Editor

Riders, pedestrians ignore traffic laws

I have seen many letters complaining about the the bad, arrogant drivers in Modesto who don't pay attention to the poor bicyclists and pedestrians trying to walk and ride safely in our town ("Bicyclists must be brave in Modesto," July 13). I wonder if these are the same people who blatantly walk and ride against red lights? I am sure that fully 90 percent of bicyclists ride right through red lights. Some don't even look to see who's coming or turning left or right. Even adults with children will step out and walk when lights are red.

I ask myself what gives these people the right to disobey laws. Some look you right in eye and dare you to hit them. Sometimes I say "that's a red light" and some reply "so what" or worse or show me the universal finger. Teenagers amble across the street as if the law does not apply to them.

I often wonder what would happen to me if I hit one of these people with my car because I was looking for traffic from my left while turning right. Or the bicyclist who goes shooting across in front of me as I turn left on a green arrow. Everyone needs to be observant and obey the law.