Letters to the Editor

Bicycles not safe in Modesto

I moved here over 40 years ago. I like Modesto. I can remember a time when you didn't have to lock your doors, didn't have to chain or lock up everything you own; you could ride a bike to the store, lay it down and it was still there when you returned. You left home on a bike, you returned on the same bike.

Not today; there is a good chance you will be walking back. There are few bike racks to lock up a bike. Friday, bike No. 3 was gone. I was in the store five minutes; when I came out, there was nothing left but the club. Nice day for a walk. On the way home, I see a guy riding one bike holding onto another with fresh black paint.

Next time, the same guy is standing next to a $300 bike, black, of course, in front of the post office. He wants to know if I have any spare change. As I walk away, I say, "I will give you $20 for the bike." He replies, "For $20 it's yours, lady." That's what I thought. I walked away.