Letters to the Editor

Bikers bigger priority than fireworks

In the article "Bikers tired of treatment" (July 2, Page B-1) about bikers attending the Modesto City Council meeting, The Bee wrote, "About a dozen uniformed officers also sat in the meeting. They followed the bikers in and out of the room." The article goes on to say there were about 100 bikers. I'm afraid police Chief Roy Wasden's use of his sworn officers leaves a great deal to be desired. On the evening of July 4, the illegal fireworks were really going off. I live in the area of Rumble and Prescott roads. There were so many airborne displays that some residents thought the city was having a fireworks display in the neighborhood. If uniformed officers were around, I didn't see them. I wonder if the uniformed personnel who were at the council meeting had been available for use against illegal fireworks on July 4, the treasury of the city would be greatly enhanced.