Letters to the Editor

Liberal judges are ruining America

It seems like the presidential candidates have been running for years. What a different way to choose candidates with no incumbent running for office. We have had more debates, more information, more talking heads than ever. Some would say it is America at its best. However, the history-making process means nothing if liberal judges make law and allow for homosexual marriage rather than interpret law which has already been set by the people of California.

If Proposition 22 can be overturned, then propositions in California ought to be eliminated. If the court cannot wait until the people have had the opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment, then the court should be replaced. It doesn't matter what happens in the presidential election if homosexual marriage or civil unions are allowed. Homosexual marriage and civil unions are nails in the coffin of the American family. History shows any society that bankrupts the family will not exist for long. If that's not true, why aren't we living in the Roman Empire today?