Letters to the Editor

Be proud of Turlock's heritage

I watched the Turlock historical documentary on DVD. I cried, I laughed and I was filled with pride as I watched the story of our town growing into the city it is today. I have lived in Turlock for almost 50 years (all my life). My grandchildren are the seventh generation on my mom's side to live in Turlock.

The film captured the growth and I learned much more about the early years. There were people and facts omitted, but how can you tell a story that spans 100 years in 85 minutes? They did an excellent job putting it together. The music, the photos and the personal stories made it clear the producers did their homework. The interviews with the old-timers, who remembered what it was like back then, were my favorites. At the end of the movie, there was a tribute to the fallen Turlock soldiers from different wars. My uncle Mike Godinez, killed in Vietnam in 1969, was omitted.

We Turlockers have a rich heritage we can be proud of whether you've lived here 100 years or one month. May we give thanks to God for his blessings and for those who came before us. As we are proud of them, let's make our followers proud of us.