Letters to the Editor

Not just poor could use vouchers

In response to "Pet voucher program requires an alteration" (July 6, Page B-6): The only thing needing alteration is the idea that only low-income families need assistance. I have a three-person household, pay full rent, utilities, etc., and I am appreciative of such programs. Though we are not considered low-income, money is always tight; it is a struggle each month.

The problem with the current program is not "people who can well afford it themselves," it's those who, after receiving Medi-Cal, food stamps and reduced rent, feel it's their right to take on yet another expense. They need to be in training programs to better their situations, and there are plenty already subsidized for them. Instead of taking vouchers from families like mine, maybe we should first try using recycled paper for the unnecessary paperwork or illustrate some kind of responsibility -- such as realizing after having your fourth kid on welfare, it's probably not the best idea to get a dog.