Letters to the Editor

Homeless can get help; can animals?

I pity the person who felt that those of us who would like a cleaner and healthier animal shelter have a "lack of logic and lack of compassion" ("Put a human shelter before animals,' " April 4, Letters). In her own words I see a lack of compassion. While it is commendable to wish to aid the homeless, the writer does not seem to realize there is aid for these homeless people; they can apply for state aid and free medical care. How they choose to use this aid is totally up to them.

They also have shelters to sleep in during winter and free food available all year. This is more than can be said for most of the animals that end up at our decaying shelter, most likely there because some human lacked compassion and did not spay or neuter their pet.

All of my pets are former strays dropped off near my house in the country or adopted from the shelter; they are all spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Animals deserve a decent shelter that might boost their chances of getting a good home.