Letters to the Editor

Female teachers, male teens: What's up?

There seems to be an increasing problem in this country with adult female teachers becoming sexually involved with their teenage, male students. Many, if not most, of my baby boom generation's high school teachers were female. While some of the younger teachers might have inadvertently stirred the imaginations and fantasies of overheated teenage boys, I don't remember any of those ladies ever showing the slightest interest in anything about us except our educational development. These teachers seemed more than happy to limit their contact with us to the one or two hours each school day they spent in the classroom.

I wonder if the cause is their fear and reluctance to grow up and assume their place as mature role models with all of the accompanying accountability. Maybe they just can't accept that they are no longer carefree teenagers. Or, maybe our education system has become so debased that there is now not that much distance, intellectually or emotionally, between these pathetic teachers and their students.