Letters to the Editor

Support local university leaders

I wanted to commend The Bee and reporter Michelle Hatfield on the recent articles regarding California State University, Stanislaus, President Ham Shirvani ("A passion that shows," March 25, Page A-1), and University of California at Merced Chancellor Steve Kang ("Quietly determined," March 24, Page A-1). Their backgrounds and the educational aspirations that got them to where they are today are wonderful examples for our valley youth.

As a previous resident of Turlock and a frequent visitor, I've observed the amazing transition at Stanislaus State and the outstanding accomplishments that Shirvani has brought into reality. Let's hope Kang is successful in his admirable campaign to establish a medical school at UC Merced.

With ever-increasing demand and the shortage of skilled medical staff in our community, I see this as a no-brainer. We should all strive to gather support within our communities and at higher levels to get this accomplished.

As part of a family that truly values higher education, I hope my children will have the options among a number of competent local colleges and universities when it comes time for them to choose an institution of higher education. Our area is in desperate need of such schools.