Letters to the Editor

Who's the most obnoxious of them all?

Who's the most obnoxious political pundit? Comedian Rush Limbaugh? No, he's fried his brain so thoroughly on hillbilly heroin, he's become just a bad actor in the tragicomic theater of the absurd. Ann Coulter? No, she's just frustrated because she can't find Mr. Right-Wing. I'm not even sure she believes herself. She's more motivated by profit than patriotism. Bill O'Reilly? Hey, you'd be deranged, too, if you lost a $10 million sexual-harassment lawsuit!

The correct answer is Sweet Michelle Malkin, punditry's top candidate for anger management classes. She drapes herself in the flag while holding the Bible, but these are merely props to disguise intolerance, xenophobia, homophobia and hydrophobia. She's a pro-life warmonger! (Iraqi fetuses killed in our occupation don't matter; they're not "Christian.")

Sweet Michelle considers herself an intellectual, but when she debated comedian Bill Maher, she stammered, her eyes bulged, her face turned purple and her head nearly exploded. She should chill (Rush could share his OxyContin).

Keep it up, Sweet Michelle. Every time you put poison pen to paper, you drive a few more rational thinkers away from the GOP.