Letters to the Editor

Outsourcing hard-won technology

The dollar's value is declining. Farmers cut back on planting corn. The Air Force awards a large military contract to a European consortium for air tankers. General Motors will utilize an engine manufactured in China. Boeing outsources design and manufacturing of major high-tech components for its new Dreamliner worldwide. Ford sells components of its Premiere Auto Group to India's Tata. Iraqi oil production is finally on the rise. Who paid for that? Oil company profits soar.

The government is going to inject the economy with $300 for each eligible taxpayer. America has done a magnificent job passing on our hard-earned and expensive technology to just about any foreign manufacturer that can assist in inflating corporate America's bottom line -- or have they? When our economy finally turns around (who knows how?), will the cry on Wall Street be "buy, buy!" or will the whimper be "bye-bye"?