Letters to the Editor

Nothing noble about Iraq war

A letter writer ("CNN gives free ads to America's enemies," March 26) described our president's misadventure in the quagmire that is Iraq as "our noble cause" and castigated CNN for showing footage of war protesters. There is nothing noble about twisting the truth to justify starting a war that has killed and maimed thousands of Iraqis and Americans. There is nothing noble about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ignoring CIA reports that said Iraq had nothing to do with Sept. 11 and creating his own intelligence apparatus which produced false intelligence that was sold to Congress, the American people and the United Nations. There is nothing noble about the vice president concocting measures to allow the administration to evade existing law and even defy the Constitution.

There is nothing noble about this war.

Peace marchers and war protesters are not members of some "hate America" group. For the most part, they love this country and our way of life. They are simply exercising their right to protest policies that have cost our country so dearly in blood, wealth and good relations throughout the world. The writer could benefit from watching the five-hour PBS documentary "Bush's War" and reading Craig Unger's "The Fall of the House of Bush."