Letters to the Editor

Who needs pesky stop signs, anyway?

Excellent letter on March 21, "Stop replacing needless stop sign." Could not agree more! Stop signs should not be needed. For more years than I have lived here, the Oakdale bypass has been a subject of great discussion and little action. If Caltrans, the county and Oakdale could get their acts together, we would have a bypass and the signs would not be needed. There are three roads that feed into Highway 108-120 -- Deo Gloria Drive, Atlas Road and Dillwood Road. Nothing needs be done to Deo Gloria; it has a small right dogleg to get onto westbound 108-120. Atlas also has a small right dogleg and the infamous stop sign in the middle.

Dillwood had major construction last fall. The engineers must have had read the blueprints upside down, because it ended up with a major left dogleg. It also got a stop sign in the middle of the intersection. I quit counting after it was smashed a dozen times.

Why bother calling Caltrans? It approved these goofy designs. Eventually it will sink in that the design is bad, but only many sign replacements will do the trick!