Letters to the Editor

Troops underpaid, but not entertainers

Regarding "U.S. troops also earn their pay" (March 28, Letters), I don't think anybody that works in emergency services would debate that our troops are underpaid. But that is the funny thing about our country -- we underpay those who protect us and overpay sports figures and entertainers. I can only suggest that the letter writer remembers that the next time he supports a sports team or his favorite TV show.

As for people defending the pay of firefighters and police, that revolves around The Bee printing salaries of people without providing perspective. It didn't show the time away from home and family, the exposure to disease or carcinogens or the things you experience that stick with you for life.

Finally, the letter writer is quick to say that emergency services won't show up to your house if you criticize them. That is far from the truth. I don't know of any public entity that doesn't encourage fair criticism in order to improve services. Emergency services are never withheld from anybody, regardless of their opinions.