Letters to the Editor

A Marine's disrespect for others' rights

It was Brandon Estes who showed the most disrespect on March 19 ("Above all, it's our flag: Veterans clash over display of distress symbol at war protest," March 20, Page B-1). Since when is it OK to grab something that doesn't belong to you because you don't agree with the way it is being used? I have great respect for those who serve our country honorably, but that service does not give them the right to decide how others can use their freedom of expression.

Donald Vance was obviously the bigger man that day. Even though his rights were being disregarded, he chose to let the situation end peacefully. I hope that Brandon doesn't use that kind of physical aggression with everyone he disagrees with. Others might not be as peaceful and let him have his way.

Mr. Vance: Please continue to express your distress with the war the way you see fit -- it's your right.