Letters to the Editor

Teachers say Price isn't right

As the president of the Empire Teachers' Association, I felt compelled to respond to the article announcing that Empire Superintendent Bob Price was honored by the Association of California School Administrators ("Group honors Empire schools chief," March 22, Page B-1). His selection is amusing and ironic, but not surprising as past awards to administrators in our district have shown ACSA is not discerning in its selection and the awards are without merit. This does, however, appear to be a complimentary award based on his running the local ACSA group, along with his administrative assistant, on Empire Union School District's time at a cost to the local taxpayers and to the detriment of Empire students.

Prior to Bob Price, Empire teacher salaries were in the top 25 percent in the county; now they are second to last. Negotiations were cordial; now they are acrimonious, requiring a state mediator three times during his tenure. The district had large reserves of over 10 percent; now they are barely 3 percent and the district may not be able to pay its bills next year. State money given to pay for reading specialists now is used to run the buses. Outstanding?