Letters to the Editor

Put question of pay raise to the voters

Who pays the bills and where do we find the money? Should the mayor get a raise while our children are told there will be cutbacks? Who are the mayor and City Council really looking out for?

In times where we have a shortage of money, what are they thinking? Why are we to think that pay raises will help a city which is already short on funds? What will these raises buy the voters? Aren't we to question elected officials? In his second term as a mayor, Jim Ridenour knew what his pay was.

Are pay raises more important than our children, school, teachers, firefighters, police officers and many others needs of the city?

Who is serving whom? Who commissioned this panel, who stands to gain? Are we currently doing a good job? If so, why are our needs so great? Shouldn't the people of Modesto decide this matter, not a panel? What about their performance? Will the pay increases buy a more responsible group of elected officials in the future?

It has become a way of life in this county to overspend today and let our children figure out a way to pay these bills tomorrow.



Editor's note: There is no connection between the budgets of the city of Modesto and Modesto City Schools, which are separate entities governed by different elected boards. Expenditures, revenues or budget cuts in one do not affect the other.